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About The British Superkart Association

The British Superkart Association (BSA for Short) was initially called the Association of Long Circuit Kart Clubs (ALICK) and as you can see was a bit of a mouthful.


The Principal Objectives of the  British Superkart Association is to Promote and Assist the Development of Long Circuit Kart Racing. To this end, specifically in each year, circumstances permitting. It will promote a National Championship for each Gearbox class, and run on behalf of the Motor Sport Association (MSA), The MSA British Superkart Championship. It will also promote the U.K. Cup for each gearbox class or classes of karting and award the “O” number plate for use at all long circuit events in the subsequent period of 1 year.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of December if possible.

Other meetings may be held during each year if summoned by the Steering Committee or the Management Team.


The General Business of the Association shall be run by an EXECUTIVE of Three (3) Person. Their titles are as follows:-

1)    Chairman.

2)    Series Manager/Co-ordinator

3)    Treasurer.

This group will be designated the “Management Team”. Their principal duties shall be as follows,

1)    The Chairperson will represent the Association at meeting with other bodies or groups, the main Duty shall be to co-ordinate the working of the Association and will deal with Issues brought to him/her by any Club, Driver or Group for advice if the Association or MSA rules does not cover their problems.

2)    The Series Manager will act as the Competitor Interface and will be responsible for all the Regulations and shall list all points scored, arbitrate on all racing numbers and keep a register of those competitors.

3)    Treasurer shall be responsible for promoting the Association, as well keeping the Financial Records of the Association.

The Management Team will have a quorum of Two (2). The Management team shall be elected at the AGM each year.

Steering Committee

The Association shall have a Steering Committee which shall be elected at an AGM.

The steering committee meetings will consist as follows:-

  • The Management Team
  • Press and Marketing Representative  (shall call on others for advice as required)
  • Technical Representative   (shall call on others as required)
  • Drivers Representatives from Div. 1, MSA F250 National, F250 Challenge and F125   (4 off)

Additionally there shall be non-elected members which will be co-opted onto the committee including:

  • Representative of the ABkC
  • Representative of each Kart Club that organises a Long Circuit Kart Meetings 

A Vice Chairman will be elected from the members of the Steering Committee

Driver representatives will be elected each year by the respective drivers registered that year in the defined categories above and at the first event in the respective series for that year.

Minutes of All Steering Committee meetings shall be taken, recorded in a Minute Book and published.

The Steering Committee will have a quorum of Six (6).

Driver representatives do not have to be a driver from the class but must be a person closely involved in that class

The following people will be eligible to vote at the AGM:-

The members of the Management Team and Steering Committee, the registered drivers from the year in question, two representatives from each of the affiliated clubs.



1)     Levy Fee.

2)     Registration Fee.

Levy Fees will be paid by Event Organising Clubs on a per capita per race meeting basis, such payments to be made within 14 days of the date of the permit.  The fee and who qualifies for this payment will be set each year by the Management Team and Steering Committee

Registration Fee shall be set each year by the Management Team and the Steering Committee and also the Charge for each of the Association Championships. Championship points will only be recorded after payment of that fee. 

NON-Registered drivers may participate in any BSA championship, but shall not receive any Championship Points. The organising club shall set the entry fee.

Registered driver will have precedence over NON Registered Drivers when seeking entry to a meeting.

All Clubs that are Members of the BSA are responsible for running each of the championship meetings to a minimum standard laid by the Association.

The British Superkart Association shall not be an Organiser of Race Meetings, the Association shall be confined to matters of common interest in the Promotion and Co-ordination of all matters with regard to Long Circuit Karting.

British Superkart Association will be registered with the Motor Sport Association (MSA).


  1. The Bishopscourt Kart Club
  2. The British Superkart Racing Club
  3. Superkarting UK (Darley Moor)
British Superkart Racing Club Superkarting UK (Darley Moor) Bishopscourt Kart Club


The Treasurer in the name of the Association shall bank all moneys of the Association, any payment shall be made with Two Counter signatures of the Management Team.

Health and Safety Policy

Our H & S Policy is available to download. Download our Policy

Environmental Policy

The British Superkart Association recognises its responsibility to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment and seeks to achieve this through continual improvement. Download our Policy



Partners of the BSA

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